Personal Stylist
Course Overview

The DRES Personal Stylist training and certification course is offered through a comprehensive online program. The high quality video training shows live client consultations and models our consulting method. We provide you everything you need to start a consulting business including on-going support!

Training Includes:


Module 1) DRES Stylist

In the DRES Stylist training you will learn how to build your own consulting business with our proven DRES System. By seeing a consultation with an actual client, you’ll learn how to conduct effective and supportive styling appointment, identify and dress different body shapes and use our exclusive DRES styling tools. Review of a test client work is included in this course, along with body shape StyleGuides!

  • Work with a client
  • Create a client profile
  • Use our DRES math-based process
  • Perform body shape and proportion analysis
  • Organize and edit a wardrobe
  • How to build outfits
  • Conduct a personal shopping session
  • How to create a look book
  • Creat a personalized DRES StyleGuide

Module 2) DRES Color

Color analysis is one of the most valuable services you can provide to your clients. Simply wearing the right colors can make a huge difference in how people look and feel. And happy clients not only come back for more, they love to tell others about the value you provide!

In the DRES System Color Course you will learn personal color analysis using our exclusive Color Selector System. This is the most professional, highest quality, efficient and easiest to use color system there is! After this course you will know how to conduct a personalized color analysis consultations for your clients. Review of your test client is included in this training.

  • Use color theory
  • Conduct professional color analysis
  • Understanding different skin tones
  • Define a personal color profile
  • Create a personalized DRES color palette
  • Mixing fabric, prints and patterns

Module 3) DRES Face

Understanding a client’s facial shape is an important aspect of completing the looks you create for your client. And a satisfied client is not only one of your most valuable marketing assets – she is likely to come back to you for more!

In the DRES System Face training you will learn to perform face-shape analysis using our exclusive DRES System. This is the most effective way to learn what hairstyles, accessories and makeup look best on your clients.

  • Conduct professional facial analysis
  • Use our DRES math-based process
  • Styling different facial shapes
  • Accessorizing different face shapes
  • Makeup for different face shapes
  • Creat a personalized DRES Face StyleGuide

Module 4) DRES Mens

In the DRES System Mens training you will learn how the DRES System is used in consulting with men. The joy in working with men is that they are far easier to please and assembeling outfits is much simpler. The challenge is men's wardrobes come with many more rules than women's wardrobes. Our mens StyleGuide and client forms makes it simple.

  • How to work with men
  • Perform men's body shape analysis
  • Use our DRES math-based process
  • Selecting the right fit and fabrics
  • Suiting standards
  • Measure the male shape
  • Shopping and styling men
  • Create a personalized DRES Mens' StyleGuide

 Module 5) DRES Marketing

In the DRES System Business & Marketing training you will learn how to promote your consulting services. Grow your business with our expert tips. Our DRES System will give you the tools and support you need to succeed.

  • Business setup
  • Pricing and packages
  • How to promote your business
  • Marketing your services
  • Growing your business
  • Working with clients
  • Marketing resources


“The DRES body shape formulas and styling tools make it easy to get started.”

“Having this training gave me the confidence and credibility I need!”

“I loved watching all of the live consulting appointments.”

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