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DRES System strives to empower women to feel strong and confidant. We want to encourage women to be more supportive and collaborative with one another. We feel this simple change, of investing in one another, is the answer to gender equality. When women start investing in each other more, the tides will turn.

Currently women spend 75% of the household money. We still only make 72 cents on the male dollar. Worse yet, women only receive 2.7% of business funding. If women take this spending power (purse power) and choose to invest in woman owned businesses 80% of the time, we can create the change we wish to see.

Please join us in pledging to spend 80% of your household money (purse power) on women owned businesses. When you commit to the Women4women Pledge, you will receive the W4W badge to share, notifying others that you are a woman who supports women!

More ways you can show your support:

  • Display the W4W icon on your website
  • Post the W4W icon on your social media
  • Attend the W4W Fashion Show Fundraiser

Not sure where to find women owned businesses? The Power Of She Directory is a good place to start. This is a listing that can help you locate a female owned business or product in your area.



By downloading the W4W Pledge badge, you pledge that you will spend 80% of all the household money you spend with female contractors, woman-owned businesses or woman developed products until gender equality is reached. Under this pledge, the remaining 20% of time you are free to buy from men or gender neutral individuals.

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